Private Aircraft Charter

YOUR SAFETY is paramount to us!

Vitesse is an ARG/US Registered Charter Broker which Is The Globally Recognized Standard For Quality Charter Brokers

Earning an ARG/US Registered Charter Broker Rating demonstrates our adherence to the only standards fully endorsed by the Air Charter Association.

The following are our required updated procedures and risk reduction measures:

❖ Ethical & legal business practices.

❖ Compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and customer-dictated preferences

❖ Fiscal integrity and appropriate transparency throughout the transaction.

❖ Resource mechanisms for complaints, disputes, investigation, and resolution.

❖ Compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and customer-dictated preferences.

❖ Perform due diligence on charter operators in a systemic and consistent manner.

❖ Compliance with industry standards for charter brokers.

❖ Aviation knowledge and brokering experience.

❖ Passenger comfort and services.

❖ Employee hiring and training practices relevant to the business


Ground Transportation​

YOUR SAFETY is paramount to us!

As a ground transportation company we fully recognize our responsibilities regarding Duty of Care for our customers. We have therefore adopted the following practices relating to all of the ground transportation services we provide to secure each of our clients with safe, comfortable and courteous service regardless of which vehicle in our fleet that is chosen.

1.   Chauffeurs and Bus drivers are required to ensure that they and their vehicles comply with the following ground transportation business standards:

Pre-employment screening 

❖ All chauffeurs must undergo criminal background, license history, driving violation and work history checks

❖ Pre-hire drug test

❖ Safe driving test

Once employed requirements include

❖ Successfully complete the chauffeur and/or bus driver training program that includes defensive driving skills, customer service training, maintenance of vehicle and safety and security requirements.  

❖ Comply with random drug testing program as required by the DOT.

❖ Pass the certified medical examination as per federal and state regulations.

❖ Accept regular reviews of their driving and customer service performance.

2.   Our fleet of passenger vehicles must operate and comply with the following standards:

❖ Display approved current license and appropriate permits as required by State and Federal DOT.

❖ Be fully maintained to the manufacturers standards.

❖ Carry commercial insurance with liability coverage as required by local, state and federal regulations. Insurance Liability: $1.5 – 10 million.

❖ Undergo regular inspections as required by state and federal regulations.