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Phoenix Art Museum

Private Car Transportation: The best museums to visit in Phoenix, AZ

The Musical Instrument Museum

Even if you’ve never played a musical instrument before, this is a great museum to explore with a lot of rich history. You will find many cultures and methods for creating music. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a different appeal with an emphasis on musical artifacts even from ancient times.

The tour includes an expansive approach to the history of music throughout an impressive building with incredible space and architecture! Here you will learn about the progression of music over time and gain a higher appreciation with friendly and knowledgeable staff. There are many different ways that humans have developed instruments, and now you can get a first-hand look at science and history.

The Beautiful Heard Museum

This is a museum where you can gain perspective on the history of Native Americans and their rich culture. There are some excellent exhibits where you can absorb some valuable and enlightening information. There are beautiful and unique woven tapestries here that are awe-inspiring. The designs are truly magnificent and are worth the stop as one of the most captivating museums in the Phoenix area!

Any museum is a perfect mix of fun and education for all ages. Inside is the unique Indian training school where kids will have a blast! It’s the perfect spot to take home some memorable photographs that capture the moment and a picture of the past. Everything is organized, so the tour flows well with informative details. This Indian Museum is a nice contrast to the traditional experience and makes for a great stop on your exhibition!

Phoenix Art Museum

This is one of the most impressive stops on our list, and you won’t want to miss out on the largest visual art museum the Southwest has to offer. There are some incredible history and well-preserved paintings here along with other modern art. It’s absolutely massive with opportunities to enjoy a rich and artistic experience. This is one of the grandest visual art experiences in Phoenix, and you’ll thrive in a collection of over 18,000 works. You’ll certainly want to check out the sculpture garden, which is one of their main attractions.

We can get you there to enjoy this vastly beautiful landscape with our private transportation service at Phoenix Limos. This museum doesn’t mess around because you’ll witness art from famous artists like Claude Monet, which is a very prestigious experience. Enjoy the pleasures of the interactive gallery where the art comes to life before your eyes! It’s truly a colorful and extravagant visual ride you won’t want to miss!

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

This is the central location where you’ll want to take your family to enjoy a fulfilling and educational time. Don’t let the name fool you because there are many activities for young adults and parents to enjoy too! The jungle Gym and noodle forest know no age limit, so you can all have fun together. This is a reading nook available with many books to enjoy when resting.

Parents will find this to be the perfect chill zone for decompression after a long day of walking. You need a perfect children’s museum and we suggest this one in the Phoenix area. It’s perfect to accommodate groups for parties, and our fleet will make traveling much easier for you. Everything is planned accordingly and you’re guaranteed a great time!

Arizona Science Center

This is a gigantic science center located in downtown Phoenix. There are many fun activities to play and enjoy, and you could spend an entire day here and potentially not finish everything. The expansive world of science is endless, with hands-on exhibits that make the experience more interactive instead of just looking at something. It’s truly a rich and rewarding educational powerhouse of fun.

Physics, natural science, creative art, and technology are all themes you’ll experience in this incredible science museum. There is even an IMAX theater to enjoy some awesome movies and restrooms to relax and have a delicious lunch. If you’re passionate about designing and creative exploration, then this will be a very stimulating experience. Those who don’t have a passion for it will find the Arizona Science Center sparks an interest immediately!

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