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Dream Car for Special Date Nights: The Bentley Flying Spur

What Makes the Bentley Flying Spur the Ultimate Luxury Ride for a Date Night

Date nights are wonderful ways to have fun with a new or longtime partner. Having a night out to yourselves releases the tension from daily stressors and builds a deeper emotional connection. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your next date night, why not ride around Phoenix in style with a luxury dream car? 

Vitesse has been one of the top providers of private transportation in Phoenix, AZ, for over a decade. Book our services to dine and drink without worries about how you and your plus one will get around.

One of the best cars you can book for your night out is the Bentley Flying Spur — here’s why.

The Bentley Flying Spur Could Be Your Date Night Dream Car

This luxury vehicle became the ‘Best Dream Machine’ of MotorWeek’s 2021 Driver’s Choice Awards, and the model further improved in 2022. Below are a few qualities that make this make and model one of the best for dates in Phoenix.

An Elegant and Fresh Exterior

A person drives a Bentley Flying Spur when they want to exude wealth and propriety. It’s a car you can take to something as casual as buying groceries or as immaculate as a wedding.

The front has full-LED matrix headlights for a safely lit ride, 22-inch wheels for extra road control, and beautiful color choices. From flamboyant red to a cool silver cream, this car can shine in any environment.

Its classical design gives a feeling of old money while its freshness gives it a modern touch. You wouldn’t look out of place for a date in the city, especially with Phoenix’s vibrant nightlife.

Luxurious Back Seating

Riding in discomfort could ruin the mood, but this dream car alleviates all worries. You and your date won’t need to fight for legroom with the 42.9 inches of space the Bentley Flying Spur offers. Whether you choose suede or leather seating, the shape of the seat can conform perfectly to anybody.

The back seats amplify riding comfort with an ejectable touchscreen tablet to create the best date night environment. You can turn on the seat massagers, lower the sun blinds, change the mood lighting, and more.

The Bentley Flying Spur doesn’t need any extra help making your ride more comfortable. Regardless, a car service driver would go above and beyond to add to your riding experience. You can rely on your chauffeur to ensure your comfort with temperature settings, complimentary drinks, and free Wi-Fi.

High-Quality Speed and Power

As with all vehicles, your mileage and gas economy depends on the year and model, especially if it’s a specialty model. The hybrid offers a V6 engine that can rival a sports car with its speed, control, and shock absorption. This V6 and electric motor combo charges forward from zero to 60 in 4.1 seconds.

The Bentley Flying Spur allows you to choose different settings for your ride, including Comfort, Sport, and “Bentley” mode. Comfort seating ensures the shocks and air suspensions work their best, preventing jolts and leans for a comfortable date.

Professional chauffeurs know how to use this power to their advantage, executing smooth turns and a streamlined ride. You and your plus-one can sit back with ease, knowing you’re riding a thing of beauty.

You Get What You Pay For

In retail, this vehicle had a starting price of $214,600 for its W12 model in 2020. The V8 had a comparable base of $196,000. This car’s impressive price tag matches its performance, comfort, and appearance to a T.

A substantial amount of time, effort, and attention went into making this car a reality. Manufacturers built every part of this vehicle using top-quality resources from around the globe. The hefty price tag accommodates those efforts and isn’t just for show.

When you ride in a Bentley Flying Spur, you can feel the difference the construction makes. From quality air conditioning to impeccable backseat controls, you have the power even when you’re not in the driver’s seat.

Contact Vitesse for Your Phoenix Date Night

When you need a luxury vehicle to impress your partner on a date, Vitesse has your dream car and dream services. We ensure all of our chauffeurs have the resources and training necessary to provide you with the most comfortable trip. You can also call on us if you need a vehicle for corporate transportation in Phoenix, AZ.

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